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Advantages and Characteristics of Cooking Utensils Set Silicone

Ⅰ. The advantages of silicone rubber kitchen utensils

Compared with ceramic, plastic, and hardware utensils, silicone cooking set is compatible with temperature. Whether the food is hot or cold, it can ensure the temperature of the food itself, reduce temperature changes and loss, and put it in a silicone bowl or basin for a period of time. The food can maintain the original temperature, and the corresponding temperature will not be transmitted to the user during use. And the uniqueness of the silicone material itself is different from other materials, which makes the products made by it have amazing use effects. For example, food containers that are silent on the floor will not produce harmful substances after being steamed at a high temperature. In addition, the silicone kitchen tool set can be folded, kneaded, and flipped, and it does not take up space in the pocket and does not absorb oil. It has a desiccant function, and will not become moldy or change in quality due to long-term storage.

Ⅱ. Comparison of set of silicone kitchen utensils and other utensils

In real life, we have many kinds of silicone cooking utensils kitchen utensil set of different materials, including ceramic, plastic, glass and stainless steel. But in use, we will find that the ceramic utensils has a beautiful appearance and makes people feel very good. However, the ceramic material itself is very hard, so if you accidentally bump it, there will be nicks or cracks. Then you can only throw it away. Although the plastic utensils will not appear ceramic phenomenon, the friends who have used it It is known that plastic utensils is difficult to clean after it is dirty. Sometimes hot water and detergent are needed. Everyone knows that detergents contain some chemicals, and it is not good to use too much. And the last thing to talk about is stainless steel utensils. Stainless steel and silicone utensils are beautiful and durable, but it is prone to rust if it is not properly protected, and salt, soy sauce, and vinegar should not be placed for a long time. Do not use baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc.

Because of the temperature resistance of silica gel, silicone utensils can withstand high temperatures up to 240°C without deformation, and will not harden at -40°C, so this is a multi-purpose product, very practical, and we can put it casually without classification. You don't need to worry about melting, aging and yellowing when you enter the microwave oven. It is easy to clean, and you can use less or no cleaning agents that contain chemical substances. It is very practical and convenient, and it is very suitable for use in life.

Ⅲ. Key factors in the selection of raw materials and production processes for silicone kitchen tool set

1. Environmental protection requirements: All silicone cooking utensils kitchen utensil set should pass the corresponding international environmental protection requirements, such as REACH, RoHS, halogen, LFGB or FDA, etc.

2. Material requirements: it needs high-resistance and odorless bridging agents such as a vulcanizing agent or a platinum cross-linking agent such as a platinum vulcanizing agent. Besides, the material of silicone utensils needs a high-temperature resistant color masterbatch, and secondary vulcanization resistance is required. The primer used for heat resistant cooking utensils coated with silica gel can pass the gas phase silica gel required by environmental protection, especially when using a silica gel release agent. Otherwise, it will not meet the food-grade testing requirements. Thus, we have silicone and wood utensil set and silicone and stainless steel kitchen utensils.

3. Process requirements: For product environmental protection and safety, all silicone cooking utensils kitchen utensil set are subjected to secondary vulcanization at a temperature of 180°C-200°C under hot airflow for 2-4 hours, such as platinum bridging agent vulcanization molding, In the case that the determination can pass LFGB or FDA, the time of secondary vulcanization can be appropriately shortened.

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