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Custom Silicone Ice Molds Are Indispensable for Making Ice Cubes

Ⅰ. The role of secondary vulcanization of custom silicone ice molds

When the silicone ice molds are vulcanized by peroxide, the low molecular compounds produced after the decomposition of peroxide cause the reaction of polymer, which will affect the mechanical properties of silica gel. The crosslinking density of silicone ice molds is not enough after the first heating molding, so it must be vulcanized twice to increase the density and tensile strength of silica gel. Resilience, density, hardness, swelling degree, thermal stability has a greater improvement than the first vulcanization, the harmful residue is completely volatilized. Only after the second vulcanization, silicone ice molds can be trusted to use!

The material of silicone ice molds is environmentally friendly and non-toxic and can pass food-grade certification. At present, as long as the plastic ice lattice on the market is mainly square, it lacks characteristics and is very troublesome to clean. The silicone ice molds are different. The silicone ice molds can do more graphics on the appearance, which is really delicious and good-looking. Because of the soft texture of silica gel, it is convenient to clean. Apparently, the silicone ice molds are better.

Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and odorless, chemically stable, and does not react with any substances except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. While plastic is a kind of high molecular weight organic substance. The material of the main component, which assumes a solid shape when finished, is formed by injection molding during manufacturing and processing.

Ⅱ. Custom silicone ice molds is made of food grade silica gel material

The silicone ice mold is made of food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, odorless, free of harmful substances, and conforms to the general third-party verification regulations. In addition, it also has the advantages of easy cleaning, softness, non-deformation, non-stick mold, ground non-slip, shock resistance, ductility, insulation layer, tear resistance level, anti-fading level, high quality and long life. It can be used to make ice cubes, milk pudding, cookies birthday cake, mousse, crystal jelly, prepared food, chocolate, etc. It is suitable for nightclubs, hotel restaurants, restaurants, and home use.

The shape of the silicone ice tray mold can be designed and customized according to my own ideas, silicone ice molds shapes are generally divided into 4 categories: plant shapes( cactus ice cube tray ), fruit shape, animal shape(flamingo ice cube tray), letter shape, image shape (such as star shaped ice cube tray, square, sphere, heart shaped ice cube tray, etc.); naturally there are many other shapes, such as the shape of a car, the shape of an animated character, etc.; if it is in the hands of artistic creativity, the shape of the product can be customized at will.

Silicone ice molds are generally all about making ice for better use in beverages or dishes. Silicone ice molds belong to silicone kitchen utensils or daily utensils. There is no doubt that they should be cleaned after use. Generally, silicone ice molds will leave some water stains after cleaning with water. However, silicone ice molds are not large and have a small inner space. Custom silicone ice molds are inconvenient to dry, and it is very easy to grow germs, but the high-quality silicone ice mold has strong hydrophobicity, and oil stains and stains are easy to clean, not to mention general water stains, milk stains, etc., and it is easy to clean. In addition, the flexibility of the silicone ice mold is also a key factor. Silicone ice molds have the advantages of pure nature, heat resistance, cold resistance, strong flexibility, and stable organic chemical properties. Silicone ice molds have higher advantages, are not easily deformed, and have a longer service life.

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