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Cucurbit Silicone Kitchen Sponge

Cucurbit Silicone Kitchen Sponge

This silicone kitchen scrubber is cucurbit shape silicone cleaning sponge.

The silicone cleaning sponges' shape is funny and enjoyable.

Kitchen cucurbit shape silicone cleaning sponge is made of high-quality silicone, easy to clean, natural and fast drying. Choose Bohao as your bulk wholesale silicone sponge company.

Cucurbit Silicone Kitchen Sponge Technical Details

  1. Silicone scrubber sponge is easy to clean and prevents the formation of any odor.

  2. The size of the cucurbit shape silicone dish scrubber is:13*7cm.

Cucurbit Silicone Kitchen Sponge Pros

  • The silicone kitchen sponge surface is not easy to absorb stains, avoid bacterial growth

  • high-quality silicone material has good stability and is not easily deformed

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