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What is the Silicone Ice Mold Molding Method?

When it comes to ice cubes, many times, we feel that buying them outside is not as clean as making them at home. But who said ice trays are less useful than adding water to freeze ice cubes? Many people like to use the ice tray by themselves, because the silicone ice mold is relatively simple to use, and the silicone ice mold mold allows you to make beautiful strawberry ice, coffee ice, milk ice, etc.

Silicone ice molds are at home, in hotels, in bars, in milk tea shops, or to make some small ice cubes. It is better to use silicone ice molds, which is also convenient, and at home, it is also faster to make ice cubes by yourself. Of course, the use of silicone ice molds can not only make ice cubes, but also ice cream, or other frozen popsicles.

1. Silicone ice mold molding method

Put the prepared materials on the real hand washing to be imitated. In order to save material, a thinner mold can be made, and it can also be painted in batches. In order to reduce the tension of the silicone ice mold, gauze and the like can be pasted. It can be sintered into an elastomer in 2 hours at room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, and it can be used in one day.

2. Precautions for making silicone ice mold

(1) Component B is a catalyst, which is easily hydrolyzed by moisture, so the lid should be tightly closed after use.

(2) Once the A and B groups are mixed, the chemical reaction starts immediately, and the viscosity gradually decreases, which cannot be terminated. In order to avoid waste, it should be prepared according to the dosage, and it should be used immediately after preparation and cannot be delayed.

(3) The response ratio of groups A and B is related to the speed of chemical reaction and the performance of the mold. The more B component, the faster the reaction, the higher the strength and hardness of the product, but the toughness decreases. 

(4) Before refining, component A should be heated up and down to evenly distribute, and then weighed.

(5) The welding method is suitable for embossing, and the brushing method is limited to the production of three-dimensional molds. Welding relief molds should first be made with rectangles that are larger than the original rectangles by 4-6CM each. The border should be flat and the inner surface should be smooth. When welding, place the frame on a clean glass plate, and then place the original in the frame, leaving a gap of 2-3CM on each side.

In life, everyone will choose to use silicone ice molds to make ice cubes and jelly, etc. Silicone ice molds are also a kind of silicone products. They are made of food-grade raw materials and are very safe and environmentally friendly to use. They belong to the low temperature resistant silicone product, reusable and suitable for a temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, easy to clean, which will not be deformed after a long time,or stick to the mold with long service life, so it is widely used by everyone.

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