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The Using Steps and Maintenance Methods of Silicone Cake Baking Molds

1. The using steps of silicone cake baking molds

(1) Mix the ingredients for making the cake according to the recipe, and put it into the silicone cake mold.

(2) Put the raw materials according to the shape of the silicone cake baking mold, and shape the cake.

(3) Sprinkle decorations such as chocolate and raisins on top of the cake making ingredients.

(4) Put the cake silicone mold filled with the ingredients into the oven.

(5) After baking, take out the silicone cupcake mold and let it cool naturally.

(6) Take the formed cake out of the silicone mold and demould, so that the cake is completed.

2. Precautions for using silicone cake baking molds

Our silicone cake decorating moulds can be used as silicone cake mould for microwave, silicone cake mould in cooker and silicone cake mould in oven. It's important to know the precautions and instructions of using silicone cake baking molds.

(1) After each use, please clean silicone cake moulds. And do you need to grease silicone cake moulds? The answer is Yes. This operation can extend the life of the mold, and there is no need to repeat this operation afterwards.

(2) Do not allow the silicone cake baking molds to directly contact open flames, heat sources, or sharp objects.

(3) When baking, pay attention to placing the silicone cake baking molds in the center or lower position of the oven to avoid the mold close to the heating part of the oven.

(4) When the baking is complete, pay attention to wearing heat-resistant oven gloves and other heat-insulating equipment, take the mold out of the oven, and wait for a while to cool before proceeding with the demolding operation. When demolding, please hold the mold and lightly buckle the bottom of the mold to easily demold.

(5) Since silica gel is heated quickly and evenly, the baking time is different from that of traditional metal molds. Please pay attention to adjusting the baking time.

(6) When cleaning the silicone cake mold, please do not use scourers or metal cleaning products to clean the mold to prevent damage to the mold and affect later use. When using it, please refer to the oven manual provided by silicone kitchen utensils manufacturers.

3. Maintenance methods of silicone cake baking molds

(1) Please clean the silicone cake mold in time after each use.

(2) Do not rinse the silicone cake mold with cold water immediately after taking it out of the oven to extend the service life.

(3) Wash it with hot water and diluted edible detergent, or wash it in the dishwasher.

(4) Do not use corrosive detergent or foam to clean it.

(5) Ensure that the silicone mold is thoroughly dried before each use and storage.

(6) When baking, the silicone mold should be opened separately on the silicone tray mold for baking. Don't let the molds be dry-baked. For example, if you only use 3 molds for a six-stage mold, please fill the other 3 empty molds with water.

(7) When the baking is complete, remove the entire baking pan from the oven, and place the baked products on the grid to be cooled until they are completely cooled.

(8) Cake silicone molds, chocolate cake molds, and ice tray silicone molds can only be used in ovens, ovens and microwave ovens, and must not be used directly on gas or induction cookers, above the heating plate or below the grill.

(9) Do not use sharp tools to scratch the silicone mold, and do not pull it violently.

(10) Silicone cake molds are easy to absorb dust due to static electricity. Please store them in a paper box and store them in a cool place if they are not used for a long time.

4. What Silicone Cake Decorating Moulds do you have.

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