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How to Demould Silicone Cake Moulds?

In life, many people like to use silicone molds to make cakes. Compared with other cake molds, custom silicone baking molds are soft in texture, which makes demolding no longer troublesome, and can well maintain the perfect shape of baked goods, and it is more convenient to clean. But when using silicone cake molds, many people encounter the problem of demoulding. How to demold the silicone cupcake molds? What should I do if the silicone cake mold sticks to the mold? Let's find out together.

1. Demoulding method of silicone cupcake molds

Brush silicone cupcake molds with a layer of oil, and then bake it. After completion, let it cool and then demould. In addition, the cake batter should not be too thin, otherwise it will not be demoulded. The method is described below.

Preparation materials: 6 egg yolks, 90g corn oil, 90g milk, 30g caster sugar, 120g low-gluten flour, 6 egg whites, 85g caster sugar, and a little lemon juice. Production steps:

(1) Pour corn oil, milk, fine sand and low flour into the box and whip by hand.

(2) Add egg yolk.

(3) Whisk the egg whites. When the egg beater is lifted, the egg whites can pull out a short and upright sharp corner, indicating that the state of dry foaming has been reached, and the beating can be stopped.

(4) Pour all the egg yolk paste into the bowl containing the egg whites, and use the same method to mix evenly until the egg white and egg yolk paste are fully mixed.

(5) Pour the mixed cake batter into the mold, smooth it out, and gently shake the mold twice on the table with your hands to shake out the large air bubbles inside.

(6) Grease the silicone mold and pour in the cake batter.

(7) Put it in the preheated oven, 160-165℃, about 40-50 minutes.

(8) Take it out and let it cool. It can be demolded when it is cool.

(9) It can be demolded by turning it upside down.

2. The solution of sticking silicone cupcake molds

When the silicone cake mold is demolded, the mold sticks. This situation is caused by the following factors.

(1) The silicone has not been fully cured. In the case that the silicone has not been fully cured, it will not be released from the mold, which will definitely cause the mold to stick, so it is necessary to wait for the silicone to be fully cured before taking the mold.

(2) When the cake mold was made in the early stage, the mold was not cleaned up. This was caused by improper handling. Therefore, remember to treat the mold before opening the mold. For example, the surface of the mold is rough or complicated. The mold must be carefully polished, smooth and cleaned.

(3) The silicone is directly infused without the use of a release agent. Before pouring silica gel, be sure to wipe some detergent or other mold release agents. Generally, Vaseline, detergent and liquid paraffin are commonly used. In actual operation, different mold release agents can be painted according to the material of the mold type.

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