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Silicone Kitchen Glove

Silicone Kitchen Glove

These awesome silicone kitchen gloves can be used in many circumstances such as washing dishes plates, bowl, pots, pans, fruit, vegetable, car, bath, and so on. 

It can also be used as a potholder due to its heat-resistant feature.

BBQ preparation, meat tearing, smoker grill handling, kitchen hot pot holder 

You can even wear them not only for dishwashing,  house cleaning, and freezer cleaning but washing clothes as well to protect your hands from cold injury in winter.

Technical Details of Silicone Kitchen Glove

We have different kinds of silicone kitchen gloves for you to choose from. The shape is beautiful and cute.

Waterproof inside and out to resist heat and protect your skin in boiling water. 

No matter you are doing some cleaning or tearing juicy meats ,pork and chicken. or even suddenly take out food from hot liquid. It protects your hands from water all the way.

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Pros of Silicone Kitchen Glove

  • The silicone kitchen glove is made of 100% food-grade silicone material, with no abnormal odor or staining.                      

  • It's nonstick,durable, temperature resist (-40°C to 220°C), safe for dishware, microwave, oven, freezer, easy to clean and remove.                                               

  • Eco-Friendly, flexible, lightweight and portable, easy to store and transport.         

  • Nontoxic,odorless,tasteless,Reusable.               

  • Anti-aging,anti-yellow and unbreakable.                  

  • The colors, sizes, hardness & styles with the silkscreen logo are available.                                        

  • Customers' designs/samples are welcomed.              

  • Reasonable direct factory price, high quality & fast delivery. 

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