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What Are the Differences Between Silicone Dining Table Mats and PVC Table Mat

The so-called table mat is a kind of thing that protects and decorates the table. It is suitable for advertising promotion, household use, publicity, and gifting. It can print company LOGO and school canteens so that corporate culture can be better promoted and promoted, spend a small amount of money, do big things, Win more benefits. In the past, table mats were mainly fabric or Oxford cloth, plastic, PVC, etc. Silicone table mats have become popular in recent years. The silicone table mat is a kind of silicone product produced by silicone product manufacturers using silicone raw materials. The product has a good hand feeling, and craftsmanship such as bright colors, printable patterns, or color printing. Because the silicone table mat is the latter of these kinds of table mats, or not too many people know it. Here Bohao will show you what a silicone table mat is, and then make a small comparison with the PVC table mat to see what is the difference between the silicone table mat and the PVC table mat.

Ⅰ. Material comparison between silicone table placemats and PVC table mat

The silicone table placemats is a kind of silicone product produced by using silica gel as the raw material, and silica gel has now been recognized by many countries and is very environmentally friendly, and will not volatilize harmful substances. PVC is a plastic material. I believe everyone who reads the news knows that the best and worst invention in the world is this plastic. The good thing is that it is convenient to use, but the bad thing is the current environmental pollution problem.

Ⅱ. Promotional comparison of silicone dining table mats and PVC table mat

Many countries have already recognized the related products of silicone material because silicone is very convenient to operate in many import and export aspects. More and more people accept this silicone table mat and the PVC table mat. The PVC table mat is not to say that it has been eliminated, but will slowly not be accepted by people. It is because, in the promotion of table mats, silicone table mats are more acceptable to people than PVC table mats.

Ⅲ. Using comparison of silicone table placemats and PVC table mat

In terms of household use, I believe that silicone table mats are very useful. Silicone table mats can not only be used to cushion tables but also can be used as bowl mats, desk mats, and other purposes because it is relatively soft and can be used according to the mat. Size to be folded. And it can also achieve the effects of heat insulation and anti-skid. For public places such as hotels, coffee shops, and other restaurants, it is relatively easy to print various patterns, LOGO, etc. to promote the effect, and it is also very soft in touch, and the PVC table mat does not fully have the above-mentioned silicone The advantages of table mats are lacking in folding, non-slip, and hand feeling. And in terms of life span, silicone table mats have a long life. Moreover, the suppliers can also choose custom made table mats.

PVC table placemat has shapes constructions, in the table mats and placemats market, silicone dining table mats have more custom choices. Bohao has butterfly mat, heart shaped macaron matsilicone circle mat and square silicone baking mat for sale. Contact us for more personalized options.

Ⅳ. Price comparison of silicone dining table mats and PVC table mat 

In comparison with the price, this is also very obvious for buying table placemats. Since PVC table mats have been around for many years and the technology is also very mature, PVC table mats are relatively cheap. The silicone dining table mat price is more expensive than the PVC raw material because of its silicone raw material, and the price of the finished product will be relatively more expensive. Therefore, although silicone table mats cannot be compared with PVC table mats in terms of price, they may change in the future.

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