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What else Do Silicone Kitchen Utensils Do Before They Are Used?

Now the application of silicone kitchen utensils is more and more, but also because of the benefits, the effect is good, at the mother level, they may prefer to use this silicone kitchen utensil set, which is convenient to use, many people do not know what to pay attention to before using it. Next, follow hao to see it together!

1. Silicone kitchen tools should be disinfected before use

If it is a silicone product just purchased from the market, whether it is a silicone kitchen utensil or a silicone gift, there will be some invisible dust on the surface of the product. This is because the adsorption of the silicone product itself gathers some impurities, dust and ions in the air. If it is a silicone kitchen utensil, please disinfect it with high-temperature hot water first. If it is other silicone products, then clean it with water. Especially for some silicone kitchen tools such as silicone cake molds, generally cake molds will be used for high temperature production or baking. Before this process, please add a certain amount of food oil or butter on the surface to better maintain the product. The surface does not change due to local overheating. If it is a multi-position silicone cake mold, a certain amount of cold water is added to the vacancy of the cake raw materials to ensure that the temperature of the silicone kitchen utensils is uniform, and the product will not be deformed due to high temperature.

2. Cleaning of silicone kitchen tools before use

Generally, in many silicone kitchen set products, there will be a product instruction manual or other introduction documents. For silicone kitchen utensils, it is mainly the disinfection step. When cleaning, just like common household items, you can add a certain amount of household cleaners to sterilize and clean with boiling water under high temperature conditions, then rinse in clean water and put it directly in a ventilated place to dry, or put it in a cabinet to avoid absorbing dust from the air.

3. Matters needing attention when using silicone kitchen tools for baking cake molds

Silicone cake mold silicone kitchen tools are usually put into the oven for work. The temperature of the oven is generally high, but as long as the operation is performed according to the product instructions, there will be no major problems. If there is no instruction manual, according to the common characteristics of high temperature resistance of silicone products, special attention should be paid to the location of silicone kitchenware in the oven, not too close to the heating tube. This is to prevent the local temperature from being too high and damaging the silicone litchenware products.

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