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How to Do Cooking With Bakeware Silicone Molds?

Since silicone molds entered the market, they have been favored by consumers. Silicone molds have many excellent characteristics, such as non-stickiness, high elasticity, bright colors, good quality and low price.

Silicone molds are generally used as cake baking molds in cooking. Thanks to its characteristics of softness, it can be made into various shapes. Here are some tips and suggestions for cooking with silicone molds.

Small bakeware silicone molds are more practical

Small silicone molds (such as mini muffin silicone molds and cupcake silicone molds) are more used than large cake pans, mainly because they are harder and less likely to bend and break when baked at high temperatures.

Applying grease on the bakeable silicone molds will make it easier to clean

In fact, applying grease to the surface of the silicone mold before the actual cooking will make it easier to clean them after cooking.

Alternatively, a layer of non-stick spray during cooking can also be sprayed on the surface of the silicone mold. All in all, these methods adopted are to prevent the cake from sticking to the mold and avoid demolding is failed.

Silicone molds safe for baking are suitable for making all kinds of small snacks

In fact, custom silicone baking molds are not only suitable for making cakes and muffins. The small silicone mold is also very suitable for making mini pies, quiches, and cheese puffs.  Bohao also has silicone cheesecake mould, chocolate cake mold. You can even spread wonton wrappers on the surface of the silicone mold to make many other delicious snacks.

Bakeware silicone molds are eusable, cute and environmentally friendly

In addition to being used for baking desserts and delicious snacks, silicone molds can also play a greater role. The color and shape of silicone kitchen utensils are often very interesting and cute, which makes them can also be used as fun party cups. You can put some snacks in them, such as fudge, nuts and snacks. They can really serve as party plates, which are beautiful ornaments! The added benefit of this is that, unlike other small disposable cups, the silicone mold is washable and reusable.

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