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The Advantages of Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

1. Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is harder

The hardness of ceramic chef knife set can reach above HRA87, and such high hardness makes the cutting edge of ceramic knives extremely sharp. Using a ceramic knife to cut meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. is very convenient and fast, and the knife will not curl. For example: Use a ceramic chef knife to cut meat, you can cut very thin pieces of meat; use a ceramic knife to cut bread without leaving residue; use a ceramic knife to cut unpeeled century eggs and salted duck eggs.

2. The Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is very wear-resistant

The wear resistance of china ceramic knife is dozens of times that of metal knives. Because of this feature, even if you use ceramic knives for a long time, you don't need to sharpen them often, which will save you a lot of time. Ceramic knives are known as "never-wear" knives.

3. The chemical property of Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is stable

Chinese santoku knife are non-toxic, non-polluting, non-oxidizing, non-rusting, and resistant to corrosion by various acids and alkalis. Ceramic knives do not have any harmful substances precipitate at high temperatures and are environmentally friendly knives. Ceramic utility knife will not oxidize with food, use it to cut vegetables or fruits, and will not produce strange smells and dark spots.

4. Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set has good antibacterial performance

The ceramic knife is non-static, non-magnetic, and has low friction, and it is not easy to stick when handling food. The material of the ceramic knife is dense, without micropores, non-staining, easy to wash, and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. The weight of ceramic knives is 2/3 of that of metal knives, so it will not be as heavy as metal knives. It is especially suitable for use at home and is very popular with housewives.

5. The Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set can cut a variety of foods

Ceramic knife wholesale is especially suitable for processing sashimi, fruit and vegetable salad, cooked food, roast duck, century egg, bread, sausage, etc. It is clean and hygienic. Use a ceramic knife to cut green onions and garlic and other irritating foods. Just rinse the knife with water and dry it with a clean cloth. There will be no peculiar smell left on the knife body. Use it to cut other foods without odor. The Chinese ceramic knife embodies the combination of ancient pottery culture and modern new technology and reflects the new century and the green, healthy, and environmentally friendly concepts of new materials. It is novel and fashionable and is a fashionable new product of the trend of life. Our ceramic paring knife and ceramic kitchen scissors will be a helper in your kitchen room. 

6. The craftsmanship of the Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is fine

The ceramic knife has excellent craftsmanship and a beautiful appearance. The ceramic knife's jade white, shiny body, black laser marking, and solid wood handle that meets ergonomic standards make it practical and collectible. Ceramic knives are very popular among lovers of pottery culture and are a great gift for relatives and friends and communication.

Because of the above advantages, ceramic knives are welcomed by many people who pursue lifestyles as soon as they are launched. Having a ceramic knife set in the family has become a symbol of high taste. Ceramic knives cannot completely replace steel knives, but if you don't have ceramic knives in your home, it will be a great pity.

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