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Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Disinfection is used for many daily necessities of life commodity, and kitchen utensils and appliances are the most popular cooking tool. After cleaning and disinfection, we still worry that whether they will produce harmful substances. People who are careful about utensils will confirm which type is better and more practical, that's why silicone utensil set becomes a wise choice. But does it produce harmful substances when meets high temperatures?

Ⅰ. The advantages of heat resistant silicone utensils

Compared with thermoplastic elastomer plastic products, silicone materials have more advantages. Green environmental protection is the essence of its material characteristics. Raw materials are mainly combined with organic silicon dimethyl siloxane, silicone resin, silicone oil, silica black, and other components curing molding. Siloxane molecules do not conflict with any substances from materials to finished products and can be in long-term contact with any skin and food as daily necessities.

Ⅱ. The unique advantages of heat resistant silicone utensils

As the main feature of heat-resistant full silicone spatula, in addition to environmental protection, temperature resistance is its main advantage. During normal cooking, silicone pots and bowls can withstand temperatures between -60°C and 280°C without any problem, so they can work as pots and bowls. There is no problem with soup dishes at all, but as a wok for direct fire cooking, it cannot meet the requirements of use. At the same time, if its use temperature exceeds this range, the silicone material will age into white ash due to the material's temperature resistance limit, and there is no serious pungent gas in the white smoke during the combustion process, so it is different from conventional natural rubber and belongs to the thermoplastic material with the best environmental protection and safety among synthetic rubbers.

For silicone and wood utensil set advantages, temperature resistance is one aspect. Although compared with the natural temperature resistance range, it is not as good as a metal spatula, but it has certain advantages compared with plastic and wood materials. The liquid can not be melted and can be air-dried immediately, while the wood material is easy to breed bacteria after being soaked in a humid environment for a long time, while the hard plastic is not stable enough in temperature, and the long-term exposure to high temperature will lead to deformation of the product or the precipitation of toxins.

Resistance to high temperature is the main advantage of the silicone products, in the production process, the heat resistant silicone utensils shaping curing temperature was as high as 180 ℃. After adding curing agent, the product material undergoes high-temperature catalytic molding of the upper and lower molds, so the temperature range during normal use is naturally not lower than the operating temperature of one or two hundred degrees. Its raw materials are mainly paste-like liquid glue-like substances. There are several different processes at present. The production of silicone tableware can be completed, and the more common one is solid-state molding. In addtion, our silicone spatula with stainless steel handle have also been exported to many overseas countries.

The selection of silicone utensil set requires skills, and a lot of consumers pay attention on the brand. Some consumers focused on quality, and the important part is the material and security. The silicone raw materials can be divided into ordinary, food grade, medical grade and so on, and the minimum requirements for contact with the human body also need to meet the environmental protection food grade, so it is the key to determining its material grade. The main method of determination is to identify the smell, appearance and feel of the material. Although there is no difference in performance between ordinary and food grades It is too big, but try to distinguish its material to ensure the value of the product.

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