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Silicone table mat has good flexibility, arbitrary tearing is not easy to deform and crack, durable. Soft silicone dining table mats, non-injured object surface easy and clear, fast and convenient. Table mat silicone with high-temperature resistance, environmental protection, and non-toxic advantages, is the most advantageous product in today's society in line with the concept of environmental protection. Both sides are soft and fine, will not scratch the tableware; Silicone material, flexible delicate anti-tearing; Food-grade silicone, safe and environmentally friendly, non-polluting, biodegradable; With a hanging hole design, easy to collect; Can be boiled and disinfected, repeated use, healthy and hygienic; Our factory has many years of production experience, strictly in accordance with production standards, to ensure that each batch of goods is in line with the standards.

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Why Choose Bohao as Your Direct Silicone Table Placemats Factory?

In addition to the traditional table dining placemat material, silicone dining table mats are now becoming more and more popular, also favored by many five-star hotels. Bohao has always been committed to good design and a practical and sustainable approach, leading the way in the development of 100% food-grade silicone mat for dining table. Bohao’s silicone dining table mats can use erasable markers to write or scribble repeatedly, being a perfect silicone table mat for baby to have fun at the dinner table. Buy table mats now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Silicone Table Mat

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    Can you put silicone table mat in the oven?


    It can be put into the oven. The temperature range of the silicone table mat is:- 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in the microwave oven and the oven.It’s heat insulation.

  • Q

    Is Round Silicone Mats Suit for Dining Table?


    Yes, Bohao ‘s round silicone mats are suitable for the dining tables. Besides round shapes, we also have many other custom shapes and colors for you to choose from. Buy table placemats directly from the factory at a competitive dining table mat price.

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    Do You Manufacturer Silicone Table Mat for Baby?


    Yes, we manufacturer silicone table mat baby. Silicone dining table mats are soft and fall-resistant, a good choice for assisting babies to eat on their own. Now there are many silicone mat for dining table on the market that can be directly adsorbed on the table, not easy to be moved and picked up by the baby. Besides, Bohao silicone table mat baby’s silicone material is not easy to absorb grease, thus it will be easier for baby parents to clean.

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