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Flower Silicone Kitchen Sponge

Flower Silicone Kitchen Sponge

This silicone washing up sponge is flower shape silicone dish scrubber. The shape is beautiful and stylish.

Hotel, restaurant, or home use.

We can use it to clean fruits, vegetables, and brush bowls.

Silicone Washing Up Sponge Technical Details

The flower shape silicone dish scrubber is designed to be dish scrubbers or veggie scrubbers, it can be also used as potholders.

The size of the flower shape silicone dish scrubber is:14.2*12cm,14*12cm.

It has a hook out at the top, so you can hang the scrubber to dry.

Item No.Description
BH-B001Flower shape silicone brush
BH-B002Flower shape silicone brush

Silicone Dishwashing Sponge Pros

  • Silicone washing up spongewith thick and soft bristles 

  • No need to worry about leaving scratches 

  • It is easy to reach the corner of the cups and glasses 

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