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Production Process of Silicone Kitchen Glove

Silicone gloves, also known as silicone oven mitt set, silicone microwave oven gloves, silicone baking mitts, etc. It is harmless to human body, resistant to high and low temperature, resistant to steaming and boiling, resistant to water vapor, and environmentally friendly. Generally, silicone kitchen glove are novel and unique in style, high in quality and affordable. Silicone gloves are essential silicone products for heat insulation and antifreeze in our lives. The production process of silicone products is similar, and the silicone gloves for cookingare not listed. They are all made of raw materials, vulcanized and molded, then removed, silk screened, and then fully inspected.

Ⅰ. Preparation of silicone kitchen mitts

The raw rubber is weighed and mixed according to the required number of silicone gloves produced, and the color is matched according to the customer's requirements.

Ⅱ. Molded silicone cooking mitts

The mixed raw rubber molder accurately weighs each product in grams and puts it on the mold machine for cooking silicone gloves for high-temperature vulcanization, so that the silicone raw material is pressed into a solid product. Finally, the molding staff removes the molded silicone kitchen mitts from the machine mold.

Ⅲ. Trimming of silicone gloves for cooking

There will be some excess silicone burrs around the product that comes out of the mold, which needs to be removed by the person who removes the edge with an edge removal tool, and if it is not clean, the edge should be repaired with a pair of pliers.

Ⅳ. Screen printing on silicone kitchen mitts

The silk screen process is only used on some silicone gloves that need to print patterns or characters, and silk screens are added to the corresponding positions to increase the beauty of the silicone gloves for baking.

Ⅴ. Surface treatment of silicone gloves cooking

At the end, the heat proof kitchen gloves will be fully inspected again, and the surface of the silicone gloves used for cooking will be further processed to ensure that the quality reaches the standard that can be shipped.

The perfect combination of the design concept and the demanding requirements of the production process has produced such silicone products. The opening of the silicone glove market has captured the hearts of most cooks, and they are no longer afraid of greasy meal juices.

Bohao kitchen silicone gloves can be used in many occasions, such as washing dishes, plates, bowls, pots, pans, fruits, vegetables, cars, bathrooms, etc. Due to its heat-resistant properties, it can also be used as a hook; barbecue preparation, meat cutting, smoked grill processing, kitchen hot pot holder; you can even wear them, not only for washing dishes, cleaning the room and the freezer, but also for When washing clothes, to protect your hands from the cold in winter. Custom printed oven gloves including various material and colors. Our black silicone oven gloves, pink silicone oven gloves, blue silicone oven mitts and red silicone oven mitts has gained many good feedback among customers. 

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