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Bohao Teaches You How to Use Silicone Molds to Make Cakes

Silicone cake mold is a kind of silicone mold made of food-grade stainless steel plate and silicone material for high-temperature baking. It belongs to the category of silicone kitchen utensils in silicone products. It can be used to make cakes, pizza, sliced bread, mousse, crystal jelly, prepared foods, chocolate beans, egg pudding, fruit pie, etc. Since silicone is a raw material for ecological protection, there are no harmful substances, so cupcake mould silicone products can fully meet the requirements of consumers or third-party certification.

Custom silicone baking molds can be made into different shapes according to the requirements of consumers, such as animal modeling, fruit modeling. Food of different colors can also be made. The functions are both unique and powerful.

1. Advantages of the cupcake mould silicone

In addition to being used for making cakes, the cupcake mould silicone can actually be used in many food productions. Don't be deceived by the word "cake". It can be used in chocolate beans, prepared foods and other foods. There are many different characteristics of the cupcake mould silicone. It inherits all the characteristics of silicone in the food industry. In addition to being completely clean and hygienic and resistant to high temperatures, silicone cake molds also have the characteristics of being very easy to clean, diverse, long service life, comfortable, and great development prospect.

The cupcake mould silicone can made food into all colors that people's eyes can see, and into all styles that people want, so the cupcake mould silicone has unique and powerful functions. Buy silicone cake moulds.

2. Use of the cupcake mould silicone

Taking cake as an example, at the beginning, you need to prepare the raw materials: whole wheat flour, eggs, apple jam, sugar, etc., and then mix them evenly in a certain proportion. Next, spread the prepared thick liquid evenly on the squares of the cake mold, and pour it into 6/10 of the container. Then, put the cupcake mould silicone with prepared mixture into the oven, bake for 3 to 5 minutes, and then remove it. Finally, the cake can be obtained in the plate out of the mold.

Silicone cake baking molds are the most popular, and silicone cake decorating molds on the market vary in price. Bohao's silicone baking molds are made of high-quality food-grade silicone materials, which have been tested for toxicity to ensure safety and non-toxicity, and have passed the international European standard certification. We ensure the quality of each silicone baking mold for customers, and customers can make standardized silicone cake baking molds in the shortest time.

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