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The Silicone Baking Ware is a Favorite

Can silicone go into an electric oven? I want to buy a silicone baking ware and I don't know if it will bake. A good silicone mold can go into an electric oven. According to chemical common sense, the physical properties of silica gel are relatively stable. It can be maintained at -60°C to 250°C for a long time, and does not react with all chemical substances except strong acid and hydrochloric acid. The temperature of electric ovens and microwave ovens, including frying pans, refrigerators, etc., is probably not easy to exceed this range, and there is no problem.

1. The baking mold of the silicone baking ware is all made of food-grade silicone

Silicone bake molds belong to the range of silicone kitchen utensils in silicone products, and can be used to make cakes, pizza, toast, mousse, crystal jelly, prepared foods, chocolate, milk pudding, fruit pies, etc. It can withstand high temperatures of 230 ° C, even if it is placed in an electric oven, it will be fine. Especially when making cakes, compared with other baking molds, the material of the silicone mold is soft, so that the mold release is no longer inconvenient, and it can maintain the ultimate shape design of cake baked goods very well.

2. Variety of silicone baking wares

The colorful silicone baking ware has a flattering design, and a variety of silicone baking molds are quickly becoming popular. Although the price is high, they are the most popular. The baking mold made of silicone material is soft, foldable, bendable, and not easily deformed. The baking mold can be flattened and stored with one hand, and can be fully opened with a slight shake of both hands. It is convenient to carry and store and organize easily. . And the silicone material is not easy to be stained with oil, and it is very convenient to clean up. The baking mold is not easy to stick and smell.

Silicone cake molds can be cleaned like general kitchen utensils. The product description indicates that it is suitable for sink dishwashers, and can be placed in sink dishwashers for cleaning. Products made of silicone materials can be scalded and sterilized with hot water. When hand washing, add a small amount of detergent to the water, put the mold into the water, and clean it with a cloth towel. Be careful not to use wire brushes, water sandpaper and other non-smooth towels to clean up to prevent scratching the surface of the mold. After cleaning, place it in a cool place to dry, and store it in a box or drawer. Because the silicone baking ware itself has an adsorption function, it is not suitable to be exposed to the air when not in use for a long time to prevent the adsorption of dust and moisture.

Silicone material has been popular in recent years, but many people are skeptical. After all, silicone bake molds and utensils are made of plastic and petrochemicals. Low-cost silica gel is not stable enough, and it is easy to release toxic substances at high temperatures. So if you want to start with silicone bake molds and utensils, be careful! Choose international brands, especially trustworthy brands, such as Yangjiang Bohao ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, because we are a silicone mould manufacturer in China, with long service time and generally higher safety standards than national standards.

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