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Ceramic Knife Wholesale And Stainless Steel Scissors Suppliers

Knife and Scissors can as an ideal gift for many kinds of events and occasions ranging from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Quality scissors and knife can as a gift for your friends, relatives and those people who like cooking. Bohao as the ceramic knife and stainless steel scissors suppliers have strong strength, respects credit to guarantees product quality, and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety operating characteristics. The bright stainless steel scissors will not rust. Every time you use scissors and knife set and put them away, they are still the same as new ones which makes you feel good. Ceramic Knife has strong antibacterial properties, which is suitable for families with babies. The unique material and unique non-metallic properties of ceramic knives uses can effectively resist the growth of bacteria.

Buy Ceramic Knife And Stainless Steel Scissors From China

Bohao quality knife set brands is a well-known ceramic knife and stainless steel scissors wholesale company focusing on a complete range of kitchen utensils like scissors and knives at reasonable prices. Bohao has already become one of the largest ceramic knife and stainless steel scissors suppliers and has good performance on various e-commerce platforms. Bohao scissors and knife is a well-known ceramic knife and stainless steel scissors wholesale company focusing on a complete range of kitchen utensils at reasonable prices. 

Is Kitchen Ceramic Knife Any Good?

Yes. It’s magic and amazing that cutting an apple with China ceramic scissors and knife the apple will not turn black, and cutting an onion will not sting your eyes. When it's time for a banquet, you must use ceramic scissors and knife to make large fruit plates and cut fish fillets, and it takes a lot of time to make a lot of portions. Using a normal steel knife, the color of the dishes will change before you put it out, but the color can be very bright and beautiful with ceramic scissors and a knife.

  • High Quality High Quality
    High hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sharp, not easy to wear, not easy rust.
  • Good Health Good Health
    It is made of biomedical materials and does not contain nickel, chromium, and other heavy metal elements.
  • Anti Oxidation, Do Not Cross Taste Anti Oxidation, Do Not Cross Taste
    When using a metal knife to cut food, some food is easy to oxidize, which will greatly destroy the original delicious taste of food.
  • Good Sense Of Use Good Sense Of Use
    According to the ergonomic principle of the design of an easy-grip handle, the use of more relaxed, safe, and comfortable.

Stainless Steel VS Ceramic Knives, How To Choose A Knife Set?

Choosing a good knife will definitely play a multiplier role in the cooking process, and ceramic knives and stainless steel knives have their own advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel knives are more suitable for foods that need to be chopped, such as bones, thick fish bones, frozen meats and other harder ingredients; while ceramic knives are more suitable for vegetables, fruit pulp, sashimi, meat, seafood, and no shells and other non-hard foods.

  • Safe Safe
    Ceramic cutting tool back tip inverted round processing, blade cutting edge using the hand to touch the cutting edge and feel bad.
  • Easy To Carry Easy To Carry
    Ceramic blade ceramic material, not easy to rust, small scissors, more convenient to carry out.
  • Good Design Good Design
    Fine workmanship, with a long time not easy to hand blister. It is very comfortable to hold, no hand pinch, and the holding place is very smooth and smooth
  • Practical Practical
    Easy to clean up after use, the appearance of the color is very elegant.

China Knife and Scissor FAQs

  • Q

    What Sets Bohao Apart From Other Ceramic Knife Factory?


    China ceramic knife has the remarkable after-sale system for customers. The manual of every scissors and knife reads that product can be sharpened for free, and if it breaks, it can be mailed to their ceramic knife factory for a new one, as long as the cost and postage are required. There are no other costs in between.  Ceramic knife for sale now!

  • Q

    What Are Bohao's Stainless Scissors Made Of?


    The blade of Bohao stainless scissor is made of special stainless steel, and the thickness is 15%-25% of the overall thickness in composite material, accounting for 15%-25% of the overall knife weight; the scissors blade body is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the joint surface of the two materials is sealed by high temperature and high pressure metallurgy compounded into a blank composite material. The composite material has been heat-treated and the hardness of the blade steel and the hardness of the blade steel meet the standard, so it has the advantages of good toughness, high strength, sharp blade, rust and corrosion resistance. We can be your professional stainless steel scissors suppliers.

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