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The Magical Use of Silicone Gloves

In our daily baking process, when removing food from the microwave and oven, we usually use a cloth to eat to prevent burns. However, this kind of cloth is not conducive to heat insulation and is easy to burn. Silicone kitchen gloves are made of high-quality food-grade environmentally friendly silicone material, thick and soft silicone material, soft texture, stable and high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable. They are beautiful, functional and durable. Their shape is not monotonous, unlike traditional ordinary gloves, the non-slip design is easy to slip off. This silicone glove is designed with a horizontal non-slip pattern, which is not easy to drop when holding things, and is stable and comfortable to hold. It is a silicone glove worth starting.

1. Design of silicone kitchen glove

It can be used on both sides, kitchen gloves for cooking increasing the service life of the silicone gloves, making the best use of them, and turning them around, they can be used normally, and they are wear-resistant. It is dirt-resistant and easy to clean, not afraid of getting dirty and easy to clean, because it is made of high-quality food-grade silicone, which can be easily cleaned and save time. The practical and convenient hook design of baking silicone gloves, and the glove tail hook design is convenient for storage and organization. It is easy to dry after washing, and it is not easy to breed bacteria; it is convenient to hang when not in use, easy to store and save space. It should be noted that do not touch the oven heating tube, do not approach sharp objects, open flames and heating tubes, and do not stay in the oven for a long time. Whether to use traditional cotton oven gloves, you also need to pay attention, otherwise it will affect the service life of the gloves.

2. The purpose of kitchen silicone glove

Silicone kitchen gloves are versatile and versatile. Thicker material is used for better thermal insulation. It can be used to take food in the microwave oven, not afraid of hot. Not only can it be worn to hold hot things, but it can also be worn to wash dishes, so your hands won't get eroded by detergents. Alkaline substances can damage the stratum corneum of the skin. When the bottle cap cannot be unscrewed, you can wear it to twist the bottle cap to increase the friction with the bottle cap and make the bottle cap easier to open.

The silicone gloves are exquisitely crafted without missing any details. The gloves are highly elastic and will not be deformed when pulled at will. There are many colors for you to choose and match. These excellent silicone double oven gloves can be used in many occasions like washing dishes, plates, bowls, pots, pans, fruits, vegetables, cars, bathrooms, etc. You can even wear them not only for washing dishes, cleaning rooms and freezers, but also for laundry to protect your hands from the cold in winter.

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