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Ceramic 6 Inch Santoku Knife

Ceramic 6 Inch Santoku Knife

Tough quality of precision ceramics. Ceramic 6 santoku knife excellent non-metal, so that it has the quality of never rust, we do not have to worry about residual water stains will make the knife body rust.

anti-oxidation does not cross taste. When using a ceramic 6 inch santoku knife to cut food, some food is easy to oxidize, which will greatly destroy the original delicious taste of food. Some food can not even be cut with a metal knife, to avoid a chemical reaction, the formation of harmful substances, harmful to health.

When we cut meat slices with a ceramic 6 santoku knife, we will be surprised to find that the gravy will not flow out. This is because the ceramic knife is thin and sharp, so it will not press the texture of meat pieces in the process of cutting, and the nutrition of the food will be preserved perfectly. We use it to cut fruit juice rich effect is more obvious, it allows us to enjoy every day nutrition-rich delicious food.

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