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Edible Grade Silicone Funnel is Highly Acclaimed

A silica gel funnel is a silica gel product used for the aggregation of small particles and liquid substances. It can be used for the collection of edible oil, sesame and other daily necessities, and can also be used for storage and storage of chemical liquids. It is resistant to beating, folding and twisting can restore the original state, corrosion resistance and is suitable for various chemical agents, foldable silicone funnel saves space.

In daily life, it is often inevitable to transfer liquid or granular materials from one container to another. The transfer of oil and rice is necessary to use a funnel at this time, and the funnel is generally cone-shaped.

Ⅰ. The appearance of the funnel kitchen utensils

The funnels commonly used in daily life are carbon fiber products, but they are easy to break and relatively heavy. Many funnels are rubber and plastic products. Due to the instability of plastic materials, there is poor analytical chemical stability when transferring liquid. In addition, the shape of the funnel is fixed, which occupies a very large indoor space and is not convenient to carry in daily storage and finishing.

At this stage, a funnel kitchen utensil that can be folded can reduce the occupation of indoor space after folding, but there is no sealing structure at the bottom of the funnel, resulting in dust that is easy to enter the bottom of the funnel. However, if it catches the dust, it will not be able to remove, that is, the silicone funnel.

Ⅱ. The design of the funnel kitchen utensils

The silicone funnel is designed with a folding expansion joint scheme, and its structure has independent innovation ability. It can be used for cooking oil and other liquids, as well as sesame and other small particle compounds in bulk and collection. It has the advantages of anti-wear and anti-fall, high-temperature resistance, anti-electromagnetic radiation and so on, and belongs to the category of silica gel daily use. Silicone kitchen funnels compared with traditional raw material funnel products are more high-quality, especially in the management scheme, storage, removal and other aspects, and the service life is more than ten years, it is simple and powerful. Contact Bohao silicone funnel suppliers for competitive wholesale funnel utensils prices.

Ⅲ. Advantages of foldable funnel kitchen utensil

(1) Food grade stainless steel plate silica gel raw material is specially made at high temperature, without toxicity, colorless and tasteless.

(2) The design concept conforms to the human body engineering, and the product plasticity is strong to improve the service life of the silicone iron pad.

(3) Silicone funnel is resistant to high and low temperature, and can bear the temperature range of -40℃~230℃.

(4) Silicone funnel is durable, very easy to clean, and can be cleaned with cold water.

(5) The silicone funnel can be folded without deformation, convenient and fast.

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