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Silicone Dish Brushes Make Washing Dishes Easy!

We all know that traditional rags are difficult to dry when they are wet for a long time. Keeping wet for a long time will not only breed bacteria, but also easily break down, so it needs to be replaced frequently. However, the silicone dish brush can avoid these problems very well. It is environmentally friendly, easy to dry and durable, and one piece can be used repeatedly for a long time. The silicone scrub brush has a perforated design, and it will be very dry after a simple rinse with water. Friends who often wash dishes will inevitably be damaged by the dishwashing brush, especially those made of stainless steel wire. Now silicone products launch silicone dish brushes to solve your problem! Let you wash dishes without hurting your hands.

1. Silicone dish brush is a new generation of dishwashing tools

Silicone dish brushes have many advantages over traditional dishwashing brushes. For example, the cleaning and decontamination ability is particularly strong, which can quickly clean the oil stains in the tableware; the brush is a perforated design, which does not absorb water, so it is easy to clean after use, and will not hide dirt; The dish is scratched, which is more worry-free when using it; it has a wide range of uses, not only can be used to clean bowls, but also fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, etc. Washing dishes has almost become a headache for many people, and young couples in the family often quarrel over the problem of washing dishes. The reason why many people don't like it is that it is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also hurts their hands. There are many drawbacks in traditional cleaning tools. The ordinary cleaning brush material is easy to breed bacteria, it is large and takes up space, and it is easy to deform and cannot be recycled. Only one side can be used, and only one side can be used.

2. The material of the silicone dish brush is safe, healthy and non-toxic

Because the chemical properties of the silicone material are very stable, you don't have to worry at all, and there will be no precipitation of toxic substances. The service life of the silicone dish brush is longer than that of other materials. Food-grade silicone material is easy to clean, and the hook design can be hung without taking up space.

The round cake shape is designed to be the size of a palm and is convenient to use with one hand. High-quality materials can be recycled, and life is comfortable. The double-sided dense silicone scrub brush head of the dishwashing brush is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about washing it. It is also resistant to corrosion and durable. It has strong oil absorption and detergency, and the bristles are soft and not easy to scratch tableware.

The dirt on the skin of daily vegetables and fruits must be cleaned and eaten safely and hygienically. So using it to wash fruits and vegetables is also a very good choice. The silicone material of the silicone dish brush has a good heat insulation effect and can be used as a heat insulation pad, coaster, and placed on the dining table to avoid burns such as high temperature dishes and pots. The desktop is high temperature resistant and easy to clean.

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