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Precautions for Using Silicone Cup Moulds

Silicone cup moulds is high quality silicone bakeware made of food-grade silicone raw materials. It belongs to the category of silicone kitchenware in silicone products. It can be used to make cakes, pizzas, breads, mousses, jellies, prepared foods, chocolates, puddings, fruit pies, etc.

1. Silicone cup moulds can be customized in any shapes

Since silica gel is an environmentally friendly material and does not contain any toxic and hazardous substances, Silicone cup moulds products can fully meet customer or third-party certification requirements (such as ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc.). Silicone cupcake moulds can be made into different shapes according to customer requirements, such as animal shapes and fruit shapes. Different colors can also be deployed, which is both beautiful and practical. We have heart shaped cupcake mould,  and other material, cupcake fondant mold. Check more custom silicone baking molds at wholesale prices. 

2. The precautions for using silicone cupcake moulds are as follows:

(1) After each use, wash it with hot water (diluted edible detergent) or put it in a dishwasher. Do not use abrasive detergents or foam for cleaning. Make sure that the silicone cup is completely dry before each use and before storage.

(2) When baking, the silicone cup moulds should be opened separately on the flat bakeware. When using silicone cupcake mould for microwave and cupcake mould for oven, do not allow the molds to be dry-baked. For example, if you only fill up 3 molds in a six-stage mold, you must fill the other 3 molds with clean water. Otherwise, the mold will burn out and the service life will be reduced. In order to achieve a better baking effect for the baked products, lightly spray a small amount of non-stick baking pan oil on the surface of the silicone cup before baking.

(3) When the baking is complete, remove the entire baking pan from the oven, and place the baked products on the grid to be cooled until they are completely cooled.

(4) Silicone cups can only be used in ovens, ovens and microwave ovens, and must not be used directly on gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or below the grill.

(5) Do not use knives or other sharp instruments for the silicone cup, and do not press, pull, or violently drag them.

(6) Because of the static electricity, the silicone cupcake mold can easily absorb dust. When it is not used for a long time, it is better to put it in a paper box and put it in a cool place.

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