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Our bulk kitchen utensils are made from food-grade utensils silicone material that gives you the full use of the best tools. Bohao's healthy silicone utensils can meet all your cooking needs, and each product has its own unique purpose. We, being one of kitchen utensil manufacturers, can support wholesale kitchen utensile, and offer perfect services for the customers. We, as a kitchen utensil company, can meet all your cooking needs, and each product has its own unique purpose. Bohao high quality silicone cooking utensils will be a good partner in your kitchen.

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The silicone kitchen set utensils produced by Bohao use imported food grade utensils silicone as raw material, which is environmentally friendly, hygienic and safe. At the same time, high quality silicone kitchen utensils has the advantages of non stick, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance and long service life. The products in our silicone kitchen utensils factory have passed the testing of SGS, FDA and other institutions and obtained quality certification, ensuring the safety of the products used by the majority of users. Our silicone coated kitchen utensils are widely used in food cooking, food quick freezing, food baking and other industries. From the perspective of customers, we, being one of kitchen utensil suppliers, provide customers with economy, convenience and hygiene in the process of food processing and production, and tailor suitable products for pastry processing enterprises and individual users. We produce colorful silicone kitchen utensil set, such as yellow or blue silicone utensils set, purple, navy blue, or pink silicone cooking utensils. The rich colors are loved by children, attract children's attention and increase their appetite. Our silicone kitchen set utensils include chopsticks, spoons, spatulas and other dozens of varieties, and silicone cooking tools.

Why Use Silicone Kitchen Tools and Utensils?

Our silicone utensils for cooking are made from food-grade silicone material and is BPA free.FDA approved silicone utensils can be safely used in different types of food.

It's very nice to use silicone kitchen set utensils. The reasons are as follows:

1. Non toxic silicone cooking utensils of High-quality food-grade silicone material without BPA

2. High quality silicone kitchen utensils, Comfortable handle. Good heat insulation, protect your hands, no corrosion, wear resistance

3. Non-stick soft silicone won't scratch your expensive non-stick cookware, pots, and pans, which means non stick silicone spatula are also easy to clean and have dirty resistance.

5. Heat resistant to temperatures without producing any harmful gases. Heat resistant silicone kitchen utensils will be a good option.

6. There is a small hole in the handle for easy storage.

7. High quality silicone cooking utensils is an ideal housewarming or Wedding Gift. Surprise your family or friends and order the set for them. A complete set of professional kitchen utensils set for people who like to cook.

Which kitchen utensils are the most essential?

Compared with ordinary kitchen utensils, silica gel silicone kitchen set utensils have the advantages of long service life, good stability, not easy to corrosion, temperature resistance, non-toxic, anti-fall, anti-collision and non-deformation. 

More important silicone cooking utensils kitchen utensil set is won't cause harm and burden to natural environment and human body, silicone cooking set is the kitchen household that pays attention to health and environmental protection personage new choice.  

Is silicone cookware safe?

Silicone cookware is cookware made from silicone.

There are numerous advantages to silicone cookware utensils that other types of cookware do not have.

Silicone kitchen utensils safe’s food-grade silica gel, and food-grade silica gel is a kind of refined nontoxic utensil set, which can be directly mixed with dry food and food to ensure that the food is eaten together, and has no side effects on the human body.  

At the same time, heat-resistant silicone cooking utensils’ silica gel has high adsorption performance, good thermal stability and stable chemical properties. Bulk buy silicone kitchen utensils wholesale directly from kitchen utensil company, Inquiry now!

Kitchen Set Silicone Utensils FAQs

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    What Are Kitchen Utensil Material Advantages?


    Silicone kitchenware of our silicone kitchen utensils factory has many advantages, as follows:

    1. It is environment-friendly, safe and non-toxic. It can be in direct contact with food and into the mouth. It is made of natural food grade silicone collagen material, which is environment-friendly, non-toxic and safe.

    2. It is resistant to high and low temperature, and can reach about 240 degrees under normal conditions. The silicone heat resistant utensils set can be directly used in the microwave oven for boiling water cleaning, which is completely unaffected by the material properties.

    3. The material of heat resistant silicone kitchen utensils set is soft and tough. The silica gel kitchenware manufacturer selects paste solid silica gel for processing and molding. In the reproduction process, the vulcanization of the product has been completely cured, and different hardness can be selected for production customization.

    4. The colors are rich and diverse, and can be made into single color, double color or even multiple colors. Silica gel kitchenware is generally dominated by single color. In the production process, the corresponding color can be selected through Pantone color number for processing and production.

    5. The high heat resistant cooking utensils set is easy to clean. The silica gel kitchenware after use can easily clean the non stick pot and non stick plate with clean water and detergent. It has excellent hydrophobicity and can make it air dry faster after cleaning. Different from ordinary ceramic bowls and plates, it is not easy to be damaged during cleaning.

    6. Anti falling and anti-skid, tableware will inevitably bump, and silica gel materials, whether used by children or middle-aged and elderly people, do not have to worry about falling and bumping, perfectly solve the fragile problem, and have good anti-skid and wear resistance.

    7. It is easy to store. It is a necessary item for travel and outdoor dining. It is soft and elastic. It can be folded and retracted arbitrarily. It is convenient to carry and store. It occupies a small area and can be opened directly when in use.

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    What Are The Best Utensils set?


    High-quality silica gel has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human tissues, no adverse reactions and few rejection reactions. High-quality silica gel, which is safer than ordinary silica gel, has been widely used in the manufacture of milk bottles and nipples.

    Our silicone kitchen set utensils set are made from food-grade silicone material and is BPA free. Nontoxic utensil set can be safely used in different types of food.

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    Are Silicone Utensils Better Than Plastic?


    Of course, silicone utensils are safer than plastic cookware. So what type of silicone is food safe? High quality silica gel is a thermosetting polymer and plastic is a thermoplastic polymer. High quality silica gel cannot be molded repeatedly when heated and does not dissolve in solvent; Plastic can flow and deform when heated. After cooling, it can maintain the properties of a certain shape. It is easy to carry out molding processing such as extrusion, injection or blow molding. It can be heated, cooled and hardened repeatedly within a certain temperature range.

    1. Food grade silica gel is tasteless, and most plastics smell;

    2. Compared with plastics, silica gel has more stable chemical properties;

    3. Silica gel can be degraded and plastic cannot be;

    4. Silica gel has aging resistance and long service life, while plastics are relatively poor;

    5. Silica gel performs better than plastic in anti-seismic, anti slip, fading and tear resistance;

    6. Temperature resistance: high and low temperature resistance of silica gel (- 40 ℃ - 230 ℃), plastic (100-150 ℃);

    7. Combustion performance of silica gel: non flammable; Plastics are flammable and produce harmful substances.

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    The Different Uses of Silicone Spatula


    In addition to making and scraping cakes, silicone kitchen spatula can also be used to stir egg yolk, because cakes contain egg ingredients. When beating eggs, you can use this scraper to stir to achieve a very uniform effect. That kind of small cake is baked in the oven. Generally, the silicone cake mold can be used for cake modeling. After baking, it is also a good choice to take the cake out of the silicone cake mold and move it from the baking pan to the desired position with the silicone coated spatula. The heat proof silicone spatula is elastic and the scraper head is soft. Such an operation process will not damage the shape of the cake out of the oven! To sum up, the silicone spatula uses are of a wide range, and silicone spatula can be used for making cake, stirring eggs, mixing ingredients in the early stage of cake, and displacement when cake is out of the oven! We, as a kitchen utensil maker, can offer qualified and satisfying cookware for the customers. Please feel free to contact us. 

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