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Ceramic Santoku knife

Ceramic Santoku knife

Ceramic santoku knife is popular to so many consumers, it can't leave the exquisite technology and careful attitude.  Bohao is a Chinese santoku knife factory, we can offer you custom santoku knife, good santoku knife and professional santoku knife.

4 inch ceramic santoku knife cuts through small vegetables and fruits with ease.

Types Of Ceramic Santoku knife


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Ceramic Santoku Knife Care Instructions

  • Do not cut, chop, knock, pry, fall and impact with a knife, and do not use the knife as a lever.

  • Put the ceramic chef and santoku knife set on the tool rest, knife holder or other stable environments;

  • Do not try to sharpen the ceramic santoku kitchen knife by yourself;

  • Do not place the kitchen knife too close to the fire source, so as to avoid deformation of the plastic handle;

  • The blade can be soaked in kitchen bleach if it is stained or stained.Do not wipe with metal cleaning balls, as the blade may become black due to the action of metal powder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ceramic Santoku Knife

  • Q

    How to use a ceramic Santoku knife?


    The tip of ceramic santoku chef knife hardly leaves the chopping board and only needs to lift the back part of the knife, similar to the use of guillotine knife. So the santoku knife is very suitable for cutting basil, French parsley, cilantro and other western spices. There is a more classic cutting method is to use the tip of the knife to pull.

  • Q

    Do chefs use ceramic santoku knife?


    Japanese-style Santoku is designed for those who love Oriental food.This Japanese chef's knife is perfect for cutting or chopping vegetables or herbs.When cooking food in a pan, it is ideal for preparing ingredients.

  • Q

    Can you use a santoku knife for sushi


    It’s ok. Use for santoku knife including cutting sushi, meat, fish, and vegetables.

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