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Silicone Cholocate Mold

Custom Silicone Chocolate Mould Wholesale

Bohao is one of the top silicone chocolate mould manufacturers in China.  The silicone chocolate shape moulds produced by the silicone can be cleaned after being rinsed with water, or cleaned in the dishwasher. The chemical properties of chocolate mould wholesale silicone materials are stable, and the silicone chocolate mold made by silicone has a longer life than other materials. Thanks to the softness of chocolate cake mold, chocolate mold products feel comfortable, extremely soft, and non-deformation. Choose custom silicone molds for chocolate from Bohao chocolate moulds suppliers.

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 Why Choose Bohao as Your Silicone Chocolate Mold Manufacturers

Bohao's custom silicone molds for chocolate are soft and easy to release, high temperature, low temperature, no deformation, and can be designed into any shape you like. Our custom chocolate mould wholesale can be used to make various shapes of chocolate. Directly from chocolate mould manufacturers. We can offer you competitive chocolate silicone molds price.

Silicone Cholocate Mold Care Instructions

  • The first time you use the silicone hot chocolate mold, you can smear a layer of butter on the mold, which can extend the service cycle of the mold.

  • In addition, although the silicone mold is resistant to high temperature, it should not be in direct contact with open fire or heat source. Silica gel mold is different from traditional metal mold, so attention should be paid to adjusting the baking time.

  • When cleaning silicone chocolate cake mold, steel wire balls or metal cleaning products should not be used to clean the molds to prevent damage to the molds.

FAQs on Using Silicone Chocolate Molds

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    Can you put silicone chocolate cake molds in the oven?


    Silicone chocolate cake mold can be put into the oven. The temperature range of silicone unique chocolate moulds is:- 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, different types of chocolate moulds can be used in the microwave oven and the oven, the silicone material properties is stable, make cake mold products, have a longer life expectancy than other material, made of food grade silicone raw material silicone mold, is belongs to the category of the silicone rubber products of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, and can be used to make the chocolate,cake, mousse, jelly, pudding, etc.

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    What's the advantages of Bohao Silicone for chocolate mold making?


    Custom silicone molds for chocolate can actually pack a lot of food products besides chocolate. The silicone chocolate cake mold has many distinctive features, it inherits all the characteristics of food silicone, besides being completely hygienic and high temperature resistant, the silicone chocolate cake mold also has the features of easy cleaning, diversity, long service life, comfort and potential. Bohao’s custom silicone molds for chocolate can be made in any color we can see with our naked eyes, and also in the shape we want. Check wholesale silicone chocolate mould silicone price direct from e chocolate mould manufacturers.

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    How to Make Chocolate in Silicone Molds?


    When making chocolate with molds, wipe the chocolate cake mold and clean first, then pour the melted and cooled chocolate for silicone molds to the molds at proper temperature, then pour out the excess chocolate and scrape the chocolate around the molds, so that the inside of the chocolate cake mold are evenly coated with a layer of chocolate, forming a chocolate hollow shell without sealing the bottom. As soon as the chocolate in the silicone hot chocolate mold has set, quickly pour the cooled but unset chocolate filling into the empty shell of the mold and place the mold in the refrigerator. When the chocolate filling is solid, take out the custom silicone molds for chocolate and seal the bottom of the shell with some chocolate, then put the mold into the refrigerator again and wait until the chocolate release chocolate and the mold are separated and there is air between them, then you can pour the chocolate out.

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    What need to be consider while using Silicone chocolate molds?


    Although the chocolate cake mold has the advantages of being easy to clean, long life, soft and comfortable, environmental protection and non-toxic, etc., in the process of making chocolate for silicone molds, Bohao recommends paying attention to the protection of the chocolate cake mold, for example, do not to use abrasive soap and scrub items to clean your silicone hot chocolate mold, and do not to put sharp things and chocolate cake mold together, these will cause damage to the chocolate silicone mold. Bohao's techniques on making chocolate silicone molds is professional.

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