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4.5 Inch Ceramic Steak Knife

4.5 Inch Ceramic Steak Knife

White ceramic utility knife blades combined with orange, red, purple, and green handles, make it look more stylish. Each knife has a knife sleeve for storage after you have used it.

Different colors have different purposes. The ceramic utility blade can be used as a steak knife not only, but also can be used as a multifunctional knife. Its function USES can be divided into green, cut vegetables, fruit, purple, deli, and cutting red meat. Different colors, different USES. Clean, simple, and practical.

Slice ceramic box cutter weighs 62 grams. The total length is 232mm, the blade length is 115mm. The thickness is 15 mm. 

4.5-inch ceramic chef knife fits to slice steak, fruits, vegetables, and cutting red meat.

Technical Details of 4.5 inch Ceramic Steak Knife

It weights 62grams.Total length is 232mm,the blade length is 115mm.The thickness is 15 mm.

4.5 inch ceramic chef knife fits to slice steak,fruits, vegetables and cutting red meat.

Pros of 4.5 Inch Ceramic Steak Knife

  • High temperature resistance

  • Not easy to wear, not easy rust

  • High density ceramics, tough quality

  • High hardness,high wear resistance

  • Not easy sharpen a knife, long sharp

  • Lock in food's freshness and nutrition

  • Corrosion resistance

Video of 4.5 Inch Ceramic Steak Knife

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