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Silicone Ice Cream Cake Molds

Silicone Ice Cream Cake Molds

There are 6pcs of the silicone cake ice cream mould, enough quantity to meet your various needs. 

It’s a great baking tool for kitchen, and you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon decorating a cake with your ice cream shape cake mould.

Technical Details of Silicone Ice Cream Cake Molds

Our high-quality food-grade ice cream cake mold silicone, are environmentally friendly, non- stick, flexible and reusable.

The silicone ice cream cake molds can be used at temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius. Safe to use in microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

Pros of Silicone Ice Cream Cake Molds

  • This silicone cake ice cream mould is the best gift for baking lovers, it will bring your cake or cupcake decorating skills to a new level, enabling you to bring quality to your work.

  • You can use silicone ice cream shape cake mould as a gift to your friends, lovers, and family when on a birthday, express your love to them.

Using Tips of Silicone Ice Cream Cake Moulds

1. It is better to apply a little butter or oil before making.

2. Please do not bake it empty. If you only use part of it, please add other parts with water.

3. Please do not directly use silicone ice cream cake mould on the gas stove and induction cooker, or direct heating use.

4. Please don't flush with cold water immediately after being out of the oven, to prolong the ice cream cake mold silicone service life.

5. Do not use the knife or other sharp instruments on the silicone cake ice cream mould.

6. After using silicone ice cream shape cake mould, please wash in the dishwasher or use warm soapy water to clean and make sure the mold dry completely before storage.

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