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4 Piece Ceramic Knife Set

4 Piece Ceramic Knife Set

4 piece ceramic knife set with a sharp and professional blade. Ceramic blade knife set’s stain-resistant. All of the Knife Set with sheath covers. We can use them cutting vegetables, fruit, bread, and meat. Inquiry product directly from China ceramic knife suppliers.

Technical Details of 4 Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

There are 4 knives set with different sizes and multi-color handles. It can meet your different requirements.

Our 4 kitchen knife set includes a 6-inch red handle chef knife, a 5-inch green handle ceramic utility knife, a 4-inch yellow handle fruit knife, and a 3-inch small blue handle ceramic paring knife. All of them have a protective sheath, which you can put the ceramic knives into them without worrying about damaging the blade.

Pros Of Set of 4 Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

It saves the trouble of grinding the knife repeatedly. easy to wash, can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria. It is the best choice gift for friends and families. Don’t react to any chemical reaction with the food, keep original taste and color.

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