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Silicone placemats are a common everyday rubber product found on dining tables.

Thermal insulation pads can protect decorative dining tables, and many families will use them. The silicone thermal insulation pad is resistant to high temperatures, wear and tear, and soft in texture, so it is widely used. Regular silicone thermal insulation pads are made of food-grade silicone, have passed relevant certification and can withstand high temperatures of up to 230℃, making them relatively safe to use. For hygiene reasons, newly bought silicone thermal insulation pads should be washed before use, and they should be rinsed with clean water every 2-3 days during use. For stubborn stains, neutral cleaning agents or soap can be used. Let's learn more about silicone dining mats below.

Silicone dining mats are safe and environmentally friendly. They can protect and decorate dining tables and come in a variety of attractive colors, so many households have begun using them. However, some friends are concerned about the safety of silicone dining mats. Are silicone thermal insulation pads safe?

1. In terms of material, silicone dining mats are generally made of food-grade silicone. Properly certified silicone dining mats are relatively safe, and if they are to be sold in Europe or America, they must pass the corresponding inspection and certification.

2. Some friends are worried that silicone dining mats will break down and scald themselves when exposed to high temperatures. However, in fact, the thermal insulation properties of silicone table pads are very good and can withstand temperatures as high as 230℃. It is difficult to achieve such high temperatures in ordinary household cooking, so they can be used with confidence.

All in all, silicone dining mats are relatively safe, but it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the silicone dining mats when purchasing them and to select products from reputable manufacturers.

How to clean dirty silicone dining mats. Silicone table pads have excellent characteristics such as high and low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, stable chemical properties, and softness, making them very popular. However, thermal insulation pads are used to hold soup pots and other foods, so they will get dirty over time. So, how do we clean them?

1. When using a silicone thermal insulation pad for the first time, rinse it with warm or cold water two or three times, then dry it with a soft cloth before use.

2. During daily cleaning, silicone thermal insulation pads can be washed every 2-3 days. If you are diligent, you can wash them once a day. If there are no stubborn stains, rinse them with clean water.

3. For stubborn stains or oil stains on silicone dining mats that cannot be removed with clean water, you can use a brush dipped with neutral cleaning agents or soap to scrub them. Be careful not to scrub too long, as this can cause damage to the silicone surface and make it turn white. After scrubbing it clean, rinse off the remaining cleaning agents with clean water, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth or natural air-dry it.

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