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How Good Are Silicone Gloves in Silicone Kitchenware?

Silicone gloves are also called silicone heat insulation gloves, silicone microwave oven gloves, silicone anti-scalding gloves and so on. It is harmless to the human body, has good temperature resistance, and is easy to steam and boil. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. Generally, silicone kitchen gloves have different styles, high quality and high cost performance.

1. Silicone kitchen gloves are indispensable silicone kitchen utensils for daily life insulation and antifreeze

For example, in kitchens, restaurants, cooking environments, generally used in the baking industry such as sliced bread, cake industry, and in the use of electrical products such as ovens, microwaves or household refrigerators, it can protect hands from high temperatures at high temperatures. Comfortable to wear and skin-friendly.

Silicone kitchen gloves generally have fully separated fingers, semi-separated fingers and non-separated fingers. Different product design, different finger protection. Among them, the silicone gloves with no separation of fingers are the most, and the appearance is more varied, very cute, and it increases the fun in life.

2. Your kitchen must have insulated silicone kitchen gloves!

Silicone gloves, a very popular household kitchen utensils on the market now, are also called silicone heat insulation gloves, silicone microwave oven heating gloves, silicone anti-scalding gloves, etc. No harm to human body, heat resistance, low temperature, resistance to steaming, boiling, water vapor, green and environmental protection. Generally, the styles of silicone gloves are novel and unusual. Different from the basic gloves, the arm anti-freeze warm and labor protection functions can be used in kitchen restaurants and cake baking industries. The production and processing technology is, four-column hydraulic press high temperature vulcanized rubber molding.

3. Features of heat-insulating silicone kitchen gloves

(1) Non-stick oil, very easy to clean up.

(2) The raw material of the product is soft and comfortable to touch.

(3) Silicone kitchen gloves are resistant to high temperature, and can be higher than 250 degrees.

(4) The common raw material is food-grade stainless steel stainless steel plate silica gel raw material.

(5) The styles are novel, the trend is fashionable, and the color models and specifications are various.

(6) Good plasticity, not easy to tear.

(7) It is no problem to use in oven, microwave heating or household refrigerator.

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