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How to Judge the Quality of Silicone Utensils? How to Buy the Perfect Silicone Bowl?

With the improvement of people's living standards, heat resistant silicone kitchen utensils has gradually moved into our life circle. Silicone children's dinner bowl is a commonly used kitchen utensils for infants and young children in life. It gradually replaces different materials with its many excellent characteristics. With the continuous development of silicone tableware, the fierce competition between silicone products and the same industry also makes consumers unable to identify how to choose high-quality silicone tableware. So do you know how to choose a silicone children's rice bowl?

Safety is, of course, an important issue, it is related to the safety of children's diet, so you must ensure that it is a safety protection material when purchasing, otherwise, it will cause unimaginable future troubles. You should judge the safety from the following points!

1. The raw materials of silicone kitchen utensils wholesale

The raw materials of silicone utensils are currently flowing out of the source manufacturers, but the formulas are different in the hands of different large and small suppliers, and the materials of each company will have certain differences. Such as hardness difference, springback tolerance, silicon molecular fineness difference, and raw material color difference and so on. The raw materials of silica gel are also divided into ordinary glue, fumed glue (food grade), medical glue and other special glues. Under normal circumstances, food-grade silicone can be used for silicone dinner bowls, which can achieve the effects of no whitening, good resilience, and odorless. Therefore, when choosing heat resistant silicone utensils, you must first understand the material standards of silicone kitchen utensils manufacturers. Besides the raw materials of silicone, we manufacture different types of cooking utensil handle for personalized needs. Our silicone utensils with wooden handles use quality wooden material. If you need washable material, our silicone spatula with stainless steel handle are also good choices. Our latest recommendations are full silicone spatula

2. The vulcanizing agent for silicone kitchen utensils wholesale

The vulcanizing agent double two four double two five is a necessary auxiliary material for silicone products, and it is related to the effect of the product after molding and curing. For example, whether the silicone utensils product will emit a pungent odor after molding, and the deformation rate of the product will increase after molding. At present, the common vulcanizing agents on the market are ordinary grade and platinum grade. The difference between the two is that the ordinary curing and molding cycle is relatively long, it will produce a certain gum smell, and the cost is low. The platinum vulcanizing agent is low-temperature molding. Short processing time, no odor, good fluidity, good aging resistance, high cost, and low temperature molding is required.

3. The smell and color of silicone kitchen utensils wholesale

Whether the manufacturer handles the gas processing, the standard for food-grade silicone products is that the silicone utensils must be baked at a high temperature of 220 ℃ for 4 hours after molding, and the chemical residues and gases in the product are removed by secondary sulfurization to ensure that the testing and certification standards can meet the standards. At present, many silicone utensils suppliers directly reduce this step in order to save this cost. Although the product can be used normally, it cannot meet the indicators during related testing and certification.

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