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Kitchen Glove

Custom High Heat Kitchen Glove

The Kitchen Cleaning Glove, use this kitchen gloves for cooking to replace your old-style brush can improve kitchen hygiene. Choose Bohao oven mitt manufacturers.

Super easy to clean the brush, just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher, it will have no residue. 

Extra thick and durable kitchen gloves give your hands Maximum protection from burns. No more hot water burns or steam burns when doing your daily cooking ever again! UP TO 220 HEAT RESISTANT, the glove protects your hands from the heat coming from the grill and microwave oven too.

Buy Types of High Temp Cooking Gloves

  • Silicone Kitchen Glove
    These awesome silicone kitchen gloves can be used in many circumstances such as washing dishes plates, bowls, pots, pans, fruit, vegetable, car, bath, and so on.
  • Cotton Oven Mitts
    Those cotton oven mitts are made of a durable 100% cotton shell with a 100% cotton fill. The oven mitts are cotton for maximum flexibility and maximum heat protection, soft, and super comfortable.
  • Silicone Double Oven Gloves
    The silicone double oven Mitt is Extra Long Oven Gloves with Cotton Liner. Its Heat Resistant and Flexible Oven Mitt. It can be for Kitchen Baking Cooking, Non-Slip Textured Grip.


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Choose Bohao Silicone Kitchen Gloves for Baking Oven

Bohao’s heat proof kitchen gloves can be used to end microwave, oven receptacles, also suitable for end pot handles, plates, take pot lids, etc. As you know the role of kitchen gloves for baking is to protect hands from high temperature burns. So the material is the key, either the whole material is polyester fabric or the whole material is silicone or is a composite form of cotton fabric and silicone. Bohao can be your trustworthy oven glove manufacturers. Inquiry now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Glove

  • Q

    What are kitchen glove for?


    The kitchen glove can for cleaning,washing,cooking,bathing and so on.

  • Q

    What are the best gloves for cooking?


    The silicone kitchen glove can clean the fruit,vegetable,washing bowls,plates ect.

    The cotton oven mitts can be used as a hot pot holder,when you use the microwave oven,oven.

    The silicone double oven gloves can for cooking,cleaning.

  • Q

    What kind of personalised cooking gloves can you offer?


    Bohao is a custom oven gloves manufacturer for many years, with our experienced developments and manufacturing, our customer has bulk wholesale oven glove of personal use and sizes, such as silicone baking glovecotton oven mittssilicone double oven gloves. Inquiry different types of oven mitts now, we can offer you competitive oven gloves price.

  • Q

    Where dose high heat kitchen gloves can be used?


    Heat proof kitchen gloves are protective gloves that can block various forms of high-temperature heat and prevent them from causing damage to the hands. In addition, they are used in high-temperature environments in industries such as semiconductors, electronics, precision instruments, integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, biopharmaceuticals, optical instruments, and food.

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