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Our Specialty Tools & Gadgets products can meet the different requires when you in the kitchen. BOHAO, one of the reputable kitchen gadget wholesale suppliers in high-quality cooking utensil and silicone tools, provides various useful household gadgets for kitchen. We have flexible silicone table mat, durable eco ice cube mold, extra thick kitchen gloves, colorful whisk with excellent balance, convenient multifunctional tongs, and various stylish citrus juicer for outdoor camping. All are affordable kitchen cooking gadgets with relatively cheap wholesale price for you to select and buy.

Kitchen Gadget Wholesale

As a reliable kitchen gadget wholesale manufacturer, BOHAO makes and supplies high quality silicone tools. Some are for single use and some can be used repeatedly. Most of our cooking gadgets adopt the eco friendly silicone material, safe for use and easy to clean, such as our flexible silicone table mat. The production of our kitchen gadgets are all under strict quality control and thorough inspection. Meanwhile, we offer considerate service and the most competitive bulk price for every customer. Various relevant kitchen gadget videos are also provided for the convenience of our customers.   

Specialty Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Care Instructions

When using the silicone heat insulation mat for the first time, it is necessary to wash it with warm or cold water two or three times, and then dry it with a soft cloth before use.  

Daily cleaning of the silica gel heat insulation pad can be washed every 2-3 days. If you are diligent, you can wash it once a day.  

If there are stubborn stains or oil stains on the silicone insulation pad, it is not clean to rinse and absorb with water, then it is necessary to scrub with a brush dipped in neutral detergent or soap. 

Be careful not to scrub for too long, so as not to cause damage and whitening of the silicone skin.  After cleaning, rinse off the residual detergent with clean water, and then dry with a soft cloth or air dry naturally.  

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