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Silicone Rubber Spatula: an Essential Baking Tool

A silicone rubber spatula is a western-style tool, which is rare in Chinese cooking, but it is a very frequently used tool in western-style baking. It has various patterns and can decorate a beautiful kitchen!

Ⅰ. Silicone rubber spatula: a good helper for kitchen baking utensils

The silicone spatula for cake has an arc design that is easy to use and has an apartment design that fits the container. It is easy to stir at a 45-degree angle to fit the arc, a 90-degree right angle is used for appliances with a right angle. It has such characteristics as good flexibility and clean scraping with a soft scraping head, which is not easy to bend. when it is used for scraping cream and other baking materials, it is easy and labor-saving, clean, and has no residue, which will cause no damage to the container and make no waste. It has a hanging hole design in transparent color which is easy to store and hard to slip off. It is comfortable to hold, and also has a hanging hole design at the end that is convenient for storage.

It is a good helper for the kitchen, and it is mainly exported to Europe and the United States. From these two points, you will soon understand that it is not a spatula, not a rice spoon! It is a tool for making the cake that everyone likes to eat. Friends who have made cakes should know that the cakes are made on a rotating platform, and some cream will overflow. At this time, this silicone rubber spatula can be used to scrape back to the greatest extent without wasting. Inquiry silicone kitchen utensils wholesale.

Ⅱ. The function of the silicone rubber spatula

If a product has only one function, it will cause a waste of resources. A multi-purpose product is a good product. In addition to making cakes and scraping cakes, the silicone spatula can also be used to stir egg yolks, because the cake is made of eggs, you can use this spatula to stir the eggs to achieve a balance. Of course, it requires a correct gesture.

We all know that small cakes are baked in the oven. Generally, a silicone cake mold can be used to shape the cake. After baking, it is also a good choice to move the cake to the desired place with a silicone rubber spatula after taking the cake out of the silicone cake mold. The spatula is elastic and the spatula head is soft so that the shape of the cake will not be damaged.

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