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What Are the Advantages of Silicone Placemats?

1. Silicone table placemats are environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly or food-grade silica gel is made at high temperature, and the material is above environmentally friendly, so it is harmless to the human body. Silicone dining table mats will not volatilize harmful substances and can be used with confidence.

2. Diversified colors of silicone mat for dining table

Compared with placemats of other materials, there are thousands of colors available for silicone placemats (can be customized by PANTONG color card number), and there is always one color you like. White silicone placemats is very popular among many products. Other colors and shape can be found on silicone dining table mats.

3. The silicone dining table mats are recyclable

In terms of recycling or resources, silica gel products also have certain advantages. Take wooden ones for comparison. For wooden ones, you need to cut down the trees (bamboo) to make placemats, while making silicone-made placemats does not need to cut trees, just collect the rubber juice from the rubber tree. Wooden placemats can only be thrown away if they are used for a long time or if they are broken, and cannot be recycled, while silicone placemats are recyclable. And there are more and more kitchen utensil manufacturers using silicone to make kitchen wares.

4. Silicone placemats heat resistant

In terms of high temperature resistance, the heat-resistant silicone table mat is not inferior to the placemat of other materials. Silicone products can generally be used at temperatures between -30°C and 220°C. Products made of other materials cannot reach such a large operating temperature range. Placemats on the dining table are mainly used for anti-scalding and heat insulation, which can meet general dining needs. Some relatively large heat-resistant silicone dining table mats can also be used as pot holders so that the pots and utensils will not burn the tabletop.

5. Silicone placemats are diversified in shape and beautiful in appearance

Everyone has different aesthetics, so they have different opinions on the same product. There are not too many styles of placemats on the market. Simple style, cartoon style, multi-element style, striped, square, silicone table mat round and special shape, etc. And round silicone placemats are the most popular. Everyone has their own style, and there is always one of the silicone placemats for you. Silicone products have strong plasticity, and various styles and styles can be produced. In addition of round shapes, we also manufacture butterfly placematsquare silicone mat

6. silicone dining table mats are easy to clean

Most bamboo placemats are difficult to clean due to gaps in the joints. Insufficient cleaning for a long time will cause bacteria to grow in the gaps. Some complicated silicone placemats also have such gaps or dead corners, but the silicone material has very good advantages: it does not stick to oil and is very flexible. For the dead corners of the tableware, they can be pulled up to clean them, but they will not be damaged, which solves the cleaning problem very well.

7. The silicone table placemats feel comfortable

Traditional placemats are generally hard objects, while round silicone placemats are soft silicone, which is more comfortable to the touch.

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