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Ceramic 4 Inch Santoku Knife

Ceramic 4 Inch Santoku Knife

Ceramic 4 inch santoku knife has many advantages such as anti-rust and bacteria-inhibiting, high hardness and wear-resisting, lightness and sharpness. Every good knife has gone through a lot of experience and strict quality control before it is available.

Cutting vegetables and meat is easy and smooth, reducing the squeezing of food materials, and retaining the juice and nutrition of food materials while cutting the surface flat.

The Chinese santoku knife blade body is light, and the weight is about 1/2 of the same kind of metal cutter, cutting food more easily and easily. Even if holding a knife for a long time, the wrist is not easy to ache and fatigue, so cooking no longer becomes a burden.

Flow-line handle, comfortable grip, Plastic material, light and durable.

Smooth edges and corners, the edges are polished to improve safety.

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