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Custom Silicone Ice Molds for Your Cooling and Health

In the hot summer, nothing can help people cool down quicker than a cold drink. The best way to drink a cold drink without pre-preparation is to add ice cubes. Adding an appropriate amount of ice cubes can not only give rise to the best taste of the drink but also refresh people instantly, relieve heat and cool down. Nowadays, in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, the types of custom silicone ice molds have become more and more diverse. From traditional plastic ice trays to novel and healthy silicone ice cube molds, there are a dazzling array of ice cube molds on the market.

Among these various ice cube molds, the most popular one is the silicone ice cube molds. Not only is it very convenient and fast in silicone mould ice cube making, but its material is also very healthy and environmentally friendly. This is mainly because the silicone does not contain any BPA ingredients. Research reports on animal behavior published by some authoritative laboratories indicate that BPA can cause huge changes in individual hormones, disrupt the brain development and behavior of infants and young children, and even increase their risk of cancer. Therefore, the chemical composition of the silicone freezer molds that do not contain any BPA ingredients is very stable, and it is not easy to be affected by temperature and cause chemical reactions so as to avoid harm to human health.

Specifically, silicone is a flexible resin made of silica. In other words, silica is sand, so silicone is a very safe material. In addition, the silicone ice cube mold is soft and flexible. It is not only safe and stable in the process of making ice cubes. After the ice cubes are made, the ice cubes can also be taken out extremely easily by twisting and pressing to make ice drinks. In addition, we have different silicone ice molds shapes in stock and can customize according to your demands.

Check more silicone ice cup mold shapes, we can manufacturer flamingo ice cube traycactus ice cube tray, love heart ice cube tray and star shaped ice cube tray.  Still not find your products, Inquiry for more customized shapes and sizes at wholesale prices.

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