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What is the Effect of Different Hardness of Silicone Kitchen Utensils?

Now there are many applications of silicone products. For example, what are the applications of all silicone kitchen utensils?

1. All silicone kitchen utensils are a kind of material with strong flexibility

Silicone can be used in a variety of industries at present, but although the silicone material has good softness, it has a different texture and softness. When it is used on silicone kitchenware, some will be harder, and some will be relatively Softness, such as silicone spoons and silicone cake molds, can distinguish them, and sometimes many restaurant kitchen utensils have different effects on different functions.

2. The influence of different hardness of all silicone kitchen utensils

(1) With the change of extrusion strength, the strength of low-hardness products will gradually decrease, and the high-hardness will increase, and the difference of 5-10 degrees will have different extrusion changes.

(2) Changes in tear resistance, the higher the hardness, the weaker the tear resistance of all silicone kitchen utensils, especially those with right angles are prone to tearing. The lower the hardness, the better the tearing degree.

(3) Deformation caused by constant elongation stress. Constant elongation stress is an important control index for silicone materials, which is precisely related to hardness. Different hardness and the temperature and pressure controlled during the vulcanization process are important for the tensile deformation of the product.

(4) Changes in wear resistance and fatigue degree. Products with different hardness have different effects on wear resistance and fatigue degree. Generally, the hardness of silica gel material increases with the increase of crystallinity. Long-term running-in will affect the reduction of fatigue resistance and wear resistance. deficiency phenomenon.

(5) The elasticity is different. Elasticity is one of the important elements in the silicone material. Therefore, materials with different hardnesses have an impact on each product used in different applications. Excessive difference in hardness may lead to the use effect of the entire product, or even Affects every aspect of a whole!

Therefore, many customers fail to correctly indicate the hardness of use when purchasing premium silicone kitchen utensils, and there is no requirement for the hardness of the material. However, the choice of hardness of silicone products is likely to affect the use effect of your entire product. You can first understand the hardness of the silicone material and then decide the choice of hardness!

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