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How safe are silicone placemats and can they meet the needs of most customers?

In developed countries such as Europe and America, environmentally friendly and hygienic silicone placemats can be seen everywhere in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Silicone placemats are widely used in daily life, but we don't know much about them. How safe are silicone placemats?

Silicone placemats are usually made of food-grade silicone. This environmentally friendly silicone has been widely used in fields such as infant and child, medical, and daily life products. If it is sold, it must pass food safety certification. European and American countries also require certification such as FDA, SGS, and LFGB. It is reported that the various unique shapes and exquisite appearance patterns of silicone placemats can be customized. Silicone has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability, and soft texture, which cannot be achieved by other materials. The ever-changing silicone placemats can be used in various occasions and are loved by people. The development of silicone placemats and silicone insulation pads is very rapid, constantly innovating, and new products are launched every year to replace plastic products.

The high temperature resistance of silicone placemats

Silicone placemats are not inferior to other materials. Silicone products can generally be used normally between -30~220°C, while other materials may not be able to reach this temperature difference. Placemats on the dining table are mainly used for heat insulation, and general hot dishes, soups, dry pots and other home-cooked dishes can be used. Some larger silicone table mats can also be used as pot mats to avoid scalding the tabletop.

The diverse shapes and beautiful appearance of silicone placemats

Everyone has different aesthetics, so seeing the same product will have different opinions. I believe that people who often cook should know that there are not too many styles of placemats on the market. Some people like simple style, cartoon style, multi-element style, striped, square, round, irregular shapes, etc. There is always a silicone placemat suitable for you. Silicone products are highly plastic and can be produced in various styles and styles.

The cleaning of silicone placemats

Silicone placemats also have very good advantages. Bamboo placemats are difficult to clean because there are gaps at the joints. Improper cleaning will breed bacteria in the gaps over time. Some complex-shaped silicone placemats also have such gaps or dead ends, but the silicone material has a very good advantage, which is non-sticky and very flexible. The dead corners can be opened and the placemats will not be damaged, which solves the problem of cleaning very well.

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