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Ceramic Utility Knife

Ceramic Utility Knife

Ceramic utility knives used in the modern kitchens have incomparable advantages over metal knives. The blade and surface of the ceramic utility blade polished by it are uniform and consistent. 

Ceramic box cutter's wear resistance is 60 times that of the metal knife, and Bohao's slice ceramic box cutter is about 2 times more sharp and lasting than the ordinary stainless steel knife head, reflecting the green environmental protection concept of the new century and new materials.

Types Of Ceramic Utility Knife

  • 4.5 Inch Ceramic Steak Knife
    4.5 Inch Utility Knife
    Ceramic Utility Knife Ceramic Knife China
    Item No.: BH-CU003
    Size: 27mm*232mm*115mm
    Weight: 62.0g
  • 5 Inch Ceramic Utility Knife
    White ceramic blades combined with red rose/copper handles, that make it look more stylish. Carefully cast geometric diamond-shaped non-slip rose/copper handle to enhance grip force and prevent slip from hand.


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Ceramic Utility Knife Care Instructions

  • Wipe your ceramic utility knife before each use.

  • After each use of ceramic utility blade, hand wash and dry thoroughly.

  • Do not leave slice ceramic box cutter to soak in water. Although knives can be safely washed in the dishwasher, hand wash is recommended.

  • The characteristic of ceramic utility knife set is high hardness but lower toughness.

  • Please do not bend the knife body forcefully. And avoid falling from high places.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ceramic Utility Knife

  • Q

    How do you care for a ceramic utility knife?


    Use ceramic utility knife with care to avoid accidentally throwing or falling the tool from high altitude, which may cause the tool to break.

    After using, Wipe ceramic utility blade gently with warm water and detergent, then let slice ceramic box cutter dry naturally, place on the knife holder or hide in the provided box.

  • Q

    Do ceramic utility blade stay sharp?


    Yes, slice ceramic box cutter is sharp, durable and can be sharp for a long time.

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