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Analysis of the Reasons Why All Non Toxic Silicone Cooking Utensils Are Environmentally Friendly

1. The crystal of all silicone non toxic utensil sets is a highly active substance

Although silica gel material is a chemical substance, the compound is divided into different types, including high toxin, mild toxin, non-toxic and non-conflict, and slow conflict. However, the crystals (fine particles) of all silicone cookware utensils are highly active substances, and there will be no conflict or reaction, and no radioactive toxins will appear when they are compatible with any substances and chemicals! Even if the silicone products are burned, squeezed, etc., they will not produce toxic fumes. Therefore, the silicone material is used as a filling material and combined with any additives, which can be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

2. All silicone non toxic utensil sets are processed by high temperature cooling

The principle of production and processing by kitchen tools manufacturers: The silicone kitchen utensils are cut from raw materials, formed at a high temperature of more than 200 degrees, and formed and vulcanized. The main added ingredient is a vulcanizing agent. The principle of vulcanization molding is that the elemental sulfur and sulfur compounds in the vulcanizing agent are heated, pressurized and cooled, and subjected to high-pressure separation cycles in a high-temperature environment, fixed and molded for a long time, to achieve the curing effect of all silicone kitchenware. As a silicone kitchen utensils wholesale factory, the sulfide elements are mainly used in quinone compounds, resins, metal oxides and amine compounds, and the treatment of the material has no effect on the environment. 

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3. All silicone non toxic utensil sets use high-quality raw materials

Silica occupies the majority of the raw materials of all curing-type all-silicone kitchenware, and silica is the main part of solid all silicone kitchen utensils. It is colorless, tasteless, and does not conflict with any substances except for hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid compounds. Silicone resin is a thermosetting polysiloxane polymer, which has good chemical properties, electrical insulation, and high and low temperature resistance to water resistance. It can be used in many fields in addition to silica gel.

To put it simply, the reason why premium silicone kitchen utensils are environmentally friendly and non-toxic is that the materials selected in the blending and fusion of raw materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Bohao is a manufacturer of high-quality ceramic knives and stainless steel cooking scissors, cookware, silicone tools, etc. We attach great importance to quality control. Every product undergoes rigorous and thorough inspection and testing before it reaches the customer. High-quality silicone kitchen utensils have created the reputation of excellent Bohao hardware products.

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