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How to Whisk Double Cream by Hand

Homemade whipped cream is very delicious and can be used to make many delicious desserts. Generally speaking, in order to pursue speed, many dessert chefs will use electric kitchen whisks to whip the cream. But in fact, manual production can better control the degree of whipping the cream so as to achieve the perfect state of the cream.

Ingredients should be prepared before whisking double cream by hand

1. Whipped cream

2. Sugar

3. Vanilla extract

Specific steps of whisking double cream by hand

1. Only need a kitchen whisk and a clean empty bowl

The cream whipped with a hand whisk is the most stable and uniform cream, and it can also guarantee satisfactory quality. Manual whipping does require a little physical effort, but the process of whipping the cream is indeed a kind of enjoyment. During this whipping process, you can watch it change from a flowing liquid to a sweet cloud. Of course, this is a gradual process, and you must not rush. When you just start to whip the cream by hand, a lot of foam will form on top of the cream. In the next one or two minutes, those large foams will disappear, and the cream will gradually thicken and the ridge traces left by the whisk for kitchen will be visible. Although the cream looks thick at this time, it is actually too runny. It takes another minute or so to whip it with a whisk so as to reach its soft peak.

2. Add white granulated sugar

Generally speaking, white granulated sugar is more suitable for whipping cream than powdered sugar because there is corn starch in the powdered sugar, and these corn starch will make the cream taste a little rough.

3. Add a small amount of vanilla extract

After adding the white granulated sugar, you can add a little more vanilla extract. If you can, you can also use other condiments instead of vanilla extract, such as sweet liqueur, bitter apricot or hazelnut liqueur.

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