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Delicate Silicone Placemats Boost Appetite

Times are constantly changing, and the quality of our lives is constantly improving. Among them, table manners have gradually become one of the popular dining tables. To improve the fun and quality of life services, the existence of silicon placemats is absolutely indispensable.

Placemat products have already entered our lives, and choosing a good table mat can often play a variety of roles, such as silicone placemats, PVC placemats, wooden placemats and so on. The common placemat in the restaurant is not only a protective product, but also a decorative item, so it is entirely possible to rely on it to increase the return rate and creativity of the store. So what kind of placemat is the right one to choose?

At present, our common placemats include bamboo placemats, cotton placemats, PVC placemats, plastic placemats, wooden placemats, paper cloth placemats and silicone placemats. They vary in performance, each with the strengths of each material. For example, some are absorbent, heat insulating, beautiful in appearance, good in texture, environmentally friendly, etc., and the material of one of the placemats can meet their basic needs.

1. The performance and advantages of table silicone mat

I believe many people know that round silicone placemats are currently relatively hot. Bohao also manufactures square silicone mats for your choices. Silicone placemats are custom-made with food-grade silicone raw materials, which have a certain soft rebound strength and can be stretched and rebounded for a long time. Its temperature resistance can reach more than 200 ℃, it is completely heat resistant, and its soft texture can be twisted and stretched arbitrarily without deformation, aging resistance and long service life. In addition, different colors and patterns of table silicone mat can be customized in terms of appearance, which is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. In addition to the above advantages, silicone material has many advantages and performances, which can meet the above material requirements and more!

2. The use of silicone placemats is getting wider and wider

It is not just silicone placemats that are excellent, but raw materials such as silicone products. Mixed collagen material is a relatively promising environmentally friendly material in the world. It can replace rubber and plastic materials and appear better in front of you. At present, silicone materials have covered more than 85% of human industries and are basically ubiquitous, so silicone placemats will replace traditional gaskets sooner or later in the future!

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