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FAQ About Full Silicone Spatula

In recent years, with the development of silicone kitchen utensils, silicone spatula has gradually entered the kitchen. The regular silicone spatula is made of food-grade silica gel. It has passed the national safety inspection and is non-toxic and harmless, and its temperature resistance range is within the range of -40℃~230℃. The oil pan is not suitable for using a silicone spatula. The cooking silicone spatula is generally mainly used with non-stick pans, but it is also possible to use a silicone spatula for iron pans. Let's take a look at the safety of silicone spatula.

1. Is full silicone spatula poisonous?

When cooking in the kitchen, a full silicone spatula is one of the indispensable kitchen utensils. In the past, silicone spatula with stainless steel handle were commonly used due to their long standing quality. With the development of silicone products, silicone spatulas have gradually entered the kitchen. Many people worry that the silicone spatula is toxic and will cause harm to the human body. Is the silicone spatula toxic?

Generally speaking, the cooking silicone spatula produced by regular manufacturers is made of food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic and harmless, and will not precipitate toxic substances when it is used for cooking at high temperatures. However, it should be noted that some inferior silicone spatulas may be made of inferior silicone, which is not guaranteed to be non-toxic. Therefore, when purchasing, you should pay attention to choosing regular products that have food-grade environmental certification testing and national safety testing.

2. Can the full silicone spatula be used at high temperature?

The chemical properties of silica gel are relatively stable, and the silica gel spatula produced by it is convenient for operation and has a long service life, especially suitable for use with non-stick pans. However, the temperature during the cooking process is relatively high. Some people think that the silicone spatula is not resistant to high temperature and may deform under high temperature. Is the silicone spatula resistant to high temperature? The silicone material used in the silicone stir-fry spatula has a temperature resistance range of -40°C to 230°C. The temperature of daily cooking is generally around 180°C. The silicone spatula can withstand such high temperatures. Silicone utensils with wooden handles can also endure this heat.

3. Can the cooking silicone spatula be used in an iron pan?

Yes. Although the cooking silicone spatula is mainly used with non-stick pans, in fact, it does not choose the pan. Whether it is a non-stick pan or an ordinary iron pan, it is possible to use a silicone spatula. However, the silicone spatula is a soft spatula. When stir-frying or frying food in an iron pan, it is recommended not to use a silicone spatula to avoid damage to the spatula due to high temperature.

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